The organisation :

InterConnections accompanies you towards your raising awareness of your Self and your environments, as well as your power to transform both universes. This is done through :


- Kundalini yoga group or private classes for :

- Ballon Forme classes (gym swissball), for couples

- A non-medical global accompaniment for couples or women expecting a baby;

- Individual consultations for support and life transformation

The teacher / consultant :

Har Atma Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer, Karam Kriya consultant, certified by KRI. Member of the Kundalini Yoga French Federation, FFKY, she is a Yoga Doula, specialized in pre and postnatal Yoga and children's Yoga. She also trained in the use of gymnastic ball for pregnant women and postnatal. The art of Karam Kriya, sacred numerology, is at the core of all her approach.

Fluent in English, you can contact her for Kundalini Yoga classes and individual consultations, including for your baby’s birth project.